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Chop It Like It's Hot

ChopMonster is the ultimate beautiful mistake inducer. It not only generates novel vocal chops, it slices and randomizes entire audio phrases and loops in a consistently musical way, Felix Snow style. Use it with:

  • Vocal Phrases

  • Chord Progressions/Loops

  • Synth Loops/Phrases

  • Guitars

  • Drums & Percussion

  • Bass

  • Basically everything/anything musical!


ChopMonster Features

  • Chop up an audio phrase/loop and randomize the order of those Chops 

  • Choose whether you'd like 4, 8, or 16 Chops

  • Audition your Chops via MIDI  

  • Record your Chop performances in your DAW via MIDI

  • Tempo lock syncs with your DAW

  • Undo functionality

  • Global Transposition of entire resulting phrase

  • Plugin window scaling/resizability ​

ChopMonster Computer Graphic.png

ChopMonster Demos

Untitled design_edited.png
Pop Vocal (Raw)
All Chop. No Flop._edited.png
Chopped Pop Transformation
"This is a great example of how ChopMonster can assist in the reimagining of an already high quality vocal source (loop, phrase, etc.) and transform it into a compellingly fresh result. ChopMonster was used in this instance to automatically Chop and reorder the original vocal phrase audio, tempo-lock it to the DAW (Ableton in this case), and globally pitch the Chops up. A bass line was then programmed underneath the result."  -Felix 
Dance Vocal (Raw)
All Chop. No Flop._edited.png
Chopped Dance Transformation
"Here's another high-quality and musically "ready" vocal phrase/loop (in the sense that it really "wants" to become a part of a larger picture!). ChopMonster was used here to automatically Chop, reorder, pitch, and re-contextualize the original audio into an entirely new vision for the original audio. A vocal "choir" loop was then added behind the ChopMonster result to imply further creative extrapolations." - Felix
House Vocal (Raw)
All Chop. No Flop._edited.png
Chopped House Transformation
"ChopMonster was used here to automatically pitch, Chop, and re-order the original vocal phrase. Funny enough, this was the first randomized result to come out of ChopMonster after I dragged the original vocal in! One of the best things about ChopMonster is that it is constantly presenting new re-imaginings/iterations of the audio you drag into it ... the possibilities are literally endless. This is a great example of ChopMonster presenting something beautiful on the "first try". A bass line was programmed underneath the ChopMonster result." - Felix 
Pop Loop (Original)
All Chop. No Flop._edited.png
Chopped Pop Loop
"This is a combination vocal/bass/drum loop that I programmed. I used ChopMonster to Chop and re-order the already highly-processed vocal audio to show how ChopMonster can take audio in any state - whether it be a raw vocal, or an already highly-processed "vocal chop" loop like the one we hear in this example - and re-imagine it in such a way that it yields a fresh/alternate take on something that was already compelling." - Felix 
Hip Hop Loop (Original)
All Chop. No Flop._edited.png
Chopped Hip Hop Loop
"This is another beautiful example of ChopMonster taking something great and making it even better. The original loop here is a classic sounding hip hop type sample. I fed it through ChopMonster to pitch it up and Chop and re-order the original audio. We still have a classic sounding hip hop type sample, only this time it's a 10 instead of an 8. Notice how certain pieces of the original audio pop out more to our attention for a more captivating result. No additional programming was added to this example." - Felix 
Trap Drum Loop (Original)
All Chop. No Flop._edited.png
Chopped Trap Drum Loop
"I'm using ChopMonster here to Chop and re-order this trap style drum loop. This result is from one press of the CHOP button on ChopMonster - the very first result! Notice how it sounds more rhythmically complex - great for a fill or an alternate section of the song where the original drum loop would sound too static. To me, this sounds like how a jazz drummer would rhythmically interpret a trap drum loop - that concept is very exciting to me! ChopMonster is great not only for adding rhythmic variation and complexity to your drum/percussion loops, but also for providing parallel universe re-imaginings of them. No additional programming was added to this example." - Felix 
Synth Bassline (Original)
All Chop. No Flop._edited.png
Chopped Synth Bassline
"This is a beautiful example of ChopMonster handles basslines/chord progressions. Notice how ChopMonster not only provides a Chopping/re-ordering of the original bass loop here, but it manufactures and presents an entirely new chord progression out of the original source material. Instant re-harmonization! Try ChopMonster on basslines/chord loops for instant re-imaginings/re-harmonizations of your loops that present chord progressions." - Felix 
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