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  • How do I receive my purchase?
    A link to download ChopMonster will be emailed to you immediately after purchase. If you don't see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder. You can also download your purchase immediately by logging into your profile on and hitting the download button in your account profile.
  • How do I login to my account?
    You can access your profile by going to and clicking the "LOGIN" icon in the top right of the page. From there, you will be able to download ChopMonster or reset your password.
  • Is it safe to make a purchase on your site?
    Yes. All Chop Audio orders are processed securely through FastSpring.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Products purchased from Chop Audio are non-refundable.
  • Where can I access the license agreement?
    You can review the ChopMonster license agreement at the bottom of our website or click here to review the ChopMonster license agreement.
  • Where can I read your privacy policy?
    You can review our privacy policy here:
  • How do I reset my password?
    Reset your password by clicking the "LOGIN" button in the top right corner of and clicking "Forgot Password". Enter your email and a link to reset your password will be sent. Please check your spam folder if you don't see the email.
  • How do I activate ChopMonster?
    ChopMonster is activated with your login. Once you have downloaded ChopMonster and opened it up in your DAW, you will be prompted to login.
  • How do I install ChopMonster ?
    Sign up to create an account on the Chop Audio website. Once your account is created, click the buy button. Go through the checkout process - once your purchase is complete, you will receive an email with a link to download ChopMonster. You can also access your download by logging in to with the credentials you used to set up your account. Download ChopMonster by clicking the link in your email OR clicking the download button from your account on After clicking the download button, choose MAC OS or WINDOWS. If you choose WINDOWS you will then select 32bit or 64bit. Depending on which you choose, the VST3 file will be stored in Windows under either C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\VST3 (32bit Download) OR C:\ProgramFiles\CommonFiles\VST3 (64bit Download) After selecting which OS is being used, ChopMonster will be prompted to download. After the download is complete, an installation window will appear or you can access the download in your downloads folder. Once the installation window is open, press “Continue” and then “Agree” to agree to the ChopMonster License Agreement. Press “Install”. Your computer will then process the installation and you will be ready to open ChopMonster in your DAW. Let's get Choppin’! Cubase users - please note that ChopMonster should be saved in your DAW as an instrument and not an effect.
  • How many computers can I activate ChopMonster on?
    ChopMonster allows for two machine activations per user.
  • Where is ChopMonster installed on my computer?
    Our installer automatically place the plugins in the following folders: MAC OS AU:/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components/ VST:/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST/ VST3:/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST3/ WINDOWS Depending on which you choose, the VST3 file will be stored in Windows under either C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\VST3 (32bit Download) OR C:\ProgramFiles\CommonFiles\VST3 (64bit Download)
  • How do I deregister ChopMonster from my device?
    To deregister ChopMonster hold down "Option" and press the "X" button on your keyboard. This will log you out and also deregister the device at the same time.
  • What plugin formats do you support?
    ChopMonster is compatible with both Mac and PC/Windows systems. You can use ChopMonster with any major DAW software on the market, except for Pro Tools. BUT - our customers have found that using Blue Cat Audio's Patchwork is a suitable solution for using ChopMonster with Pro Tools. ChopMonster supports VST and AU formats. Recommended Processors: Mac: M1, M2 PC: i7 7th gen.
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ChopMonster Guitar Tutorial with Felix Snow
Chop Audio

ChopMonster Guitar Tutorial with Felix Snow

Felix shows us how ChopMonster can easily randomize and transform our Guitar loops into better iterations (often with only one click of the CHOP button) in this improvised Guitar tutorial! Get ChopMonster now at Check out how ChopMonster works in our product overview tutorial with Felix: Follow us! IG: Twitter: Email: Chapters: 00:00:00 Tutorial Intro 00:01:12 Guitar Example 1 00:01:33 Drag In to ChopMonster 00:01:35 C#3 to Play Loop in ChopMonster 00:01:42 Chopping the Loop (16 Setting) 00:01:48 Changing Chop Setting to 8 00:02:07 Dragging Out the Result 00:02:11 Chords onto Keys! 00:02:39 Recording MIDI Chop Performance 00:03:14 Recorded MIDI Result as B Section 00:03:53 Guitar Example 2 00:04:10 Drag In to ChopMonster 00:04:15 Chopping the Loop (16 Setting) 00:04:25 Drag Out of ChopMonster Result 00:04:39 Editing Drag Out in DAW 00:04:59 Adding Drum Loop to Result 00:05:50 Guitar Example 3 00:06:07 Chopping the Loop (16 Setting) 00:06:21 Chords on Keys! 00:07:08 Slowing Down Tempo in DAW 00:07:22 Global Transposition 00:07:48 You're Playing the Loops! 00:07:58 Guitar Example 4 00:08:05 Drag In to ChopMonster 00:08:18 Chopping the Loop (16 Setting) 00:08:32 Chopping Again (16 Setting) 00:08:49 Global Transposition +1 to Brighten it Up 00:09:03 Drag Out 00:09:09 Editing Result in DAW 00:09:40 Guitar Example 5 00:10:04 Chopping the Loop (16 Setting) 00:10:27 Dragging Out ChopMonster Result 00:10:41 Editing Result in DAW 00:11:06 Messing with Chords on Keys 00:11:19 Global Transposition +4 00:11:48 Tutorial Outro
ChopMonster Chords Tutorial with Felix Snow
Chop Audio

ChopMonster Chords Tutorial with Felix Snow

In this tutorial Felix improvises Chord loop manipulation with ChopMonster using 6 different examples. Check out all the various ways ChopMonster can help you refresh your creativity in your DAW when songwriting, beatmaking, and producing! Get ChopMonster now at Check out how ChopMonster works in our product overview tutorial with Felix: Follow us! IG: Twitter: Email: Chapters: 00:00:00 Tutorial Intro 00:01:37 Chords Example 1 00:01:58 Dragging Loop into ChopMonster 00:02:03 C#3 to Play Loop in ChopMonster 00:02:18 Chopping the Loop 00:02:35 Listening to Chopped (16 setting) Result 00:02:51 Chords Are Now Chopped to Keys! 00:03:27 Playing the Chops on Keys 00:03:50 Recording a MIDI Performance of the Chops 00:04:18 Playing the Recorded MIDI Result 00:04:36 Playing the Chops to a Different Tempo 00:05:06 Chopping (8 Setting) 00:05:51 Drag Out Functionality 00:06:34 Chords Example 2 00:06:52 Chopping the Loop (16 Setting) 00:07:07 Changing to 8 Setting 00:07:20 Chops Are Mapped to Keys 00:07:26 Messing with the Chords on Keys 00:07:45 Dragging Out ChopMonster Result 00:08:25 Recording MIDI Performance of Chops 00:09:19 "Scrolling" Through Chords Via MIDI 00:10:03 Make These Loops Your Own! 00:10:28 Chords Example 3 00:10:39 Dragging Loop into ChopMonster 00:10:47 C#3 to Play Loop in ChopMonster 00:10:53 Chopping the Loop (16 Setting) 00:11:02 Switching to 8 Setting for Less Frequent Chops 00:11:14 Your Keys Now Have Chords on Them! 00:11:50 DAW Tempo Sync 00:12:38 Global Transposition 00:13:08 Editing a Single Chop 00:14:06 Chords Example 4 00:14:13 Dragging Loop into ChopMonster 00:14:33 Chopping the Loop (8 Setting) 00:14:55 Dragging Out the Loop 00:15:04 Editing the Result in the DAW 00:15:43 Dice Functionality 00:17:24 Chords Example 5 00:17:45 Chopping the Loop (16 Setting) 00:18:04 Chops Are Now Mapped to Keys! 00:18:20 Changing Tempo in DAW 00:18:31 Messing with Chops on Keys 00:19:06 Your Loops Are Now Your Instrument. 00:19:47 Chords Example 6 00:20:18 Chopping the Loop (16 Setting) 00:20:28 Messing with the Chop on Keys 00:21:02 Recording MIDI Performance of Chops on Keys 00:21:58 Dragging in a Percussion Loop 00:22:23 Tutorial Outro
ChopMonster Drums Tutorial with Felix Snow
Chop Audio

ChopMonster Drums Tutorial with Felix Snow

Felix conquers Drum loops in this improvised tutorial. Watch how easily Felix can manipulate and reimagine Drum loops using ChopMonster. We also see how easy it is to extract and play one shots from Drum loops using ChopMonster! Get ChopMonster now at Check out how ChopMonster works in our product overview tutorial with Felix: Follow us! IG: Twitter: Email: Chapters: 00:00:00 Tutorial Intro 00:01:12 Drums in ChopMonster 00:01:34 Percussion Loop Example 1 00:02:51 One Shot Extraction from Loops 00:03:27 Drum Loop Example 1 00:04:25 More One Shot Extractions 00:04:46 Play One Shots at Any Tempo 00:05:38 DAW Tempo Lock 00:05:50 ChopMonster Result Drag Out 00:05:58 Editing Result in DAW 00:06:32 Percussion Loop Example 2 00:06:57 Drag Out 00:07:59 Dice of Percussion Loop 2 00:08:12 Layering Dice Result with Original Loop 00:08:49 Drum Loop Example 2 00:09:24 ChopMonster as Drum Fill Generator 00:10:01 Finding One Shots on Keys 00:10:27 Making a Beat with Keys 00:10:48 Drum Loop Example 3 00:11:14 Dragging out Drum Fill Ideas 00:11:31 Making Different Beats with One Shots on Keys 00:12:39 Dicing Full Drum Loops 00:12:51 Layering Diced Drum Results with Original Loop 00:13:10 Improvising ChopMonster Uses 00:14:13 Drum Loop Example 4 00:15:04 Messing with One Shots on Keys 00:15:21 One Shots at Different Tempos 00:15:51 Tutorial Outro
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